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About Us

Who we are
In 1981, a group of doctors in ophthalmology joined their collective efforts in order to provide patients and the community at large with an integrated single point in the ophthalmology field with the highest-quality medical service and technology standards, and so the Clínica de Oftalmología de Cali was founded.

Soon after, with the involvement and participation of other medical professionals, the current headquarters located in the south section of the city were built and it’s where today patients can find more than 30 specialists and subspecialists providing a wide-range of services where the latest technology and highly qualified human personnel converge to provide the highest quality of patient care in these specialties.

Today, the clinic is the most important Eye Care Institute in the south-west region of Colombia. Its main commitment is to offer and guarantee the community the very best quality in visual care and a philosophy based on professional and business ethics.


Our Mission

To contribute to improve the quality of life for the population at large and the Colombian health system, offering an innovative and competitive portfolio of eye health services, supported by an excellent team of doctors, international standards and biomedical technology.


Our Vision

To position ourselves in 2020 as a national and international leader in eye healthcare with medical centers driven by standards of excellence and research to effectively serve the community, science and the academy.