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Rights and Duties of the Patient

Your Rights as a Patient


Full and Clear Communication with the Doctor:

You have the right to exercise and benefit from a full and clear communication with the physician, appropriate to the cultural and psycho-sociological conditions of the patient, enabling him/her to obtain all necessary information regarding the condition being treated, as well as the procedures and treatments to be used and the prognosis and treatment risks it entails. Also the right for any patient or relatives and their representatives, in the event of an unconscious patient or a minor, to either give consent or to refuse any of these procedures, by drafting and submitting a written document that states such a decision.

Decent, Reasonable and Respectful Treatment:

You have the right to receive a decent and reasonable treatment respectful of all beliefs and customs, as well as any personal opinions the patient may have about the disease to be treated.

Confidentiality of Medical Records:

All medical reports and clinical records are managed confidentially and in the upmost private and respectful manner and only with the patient`s written permission will they ever be and could be disclosed.

Access to and Receiving the Best Medical Care Available:

To provide the patient throughout the disease-treatment process with the best medical care available, respecting the patient’s wishes should the case be when an irreversible disease is diagnosed.

Review and Monitoring of the Cost of Services:

You have the right to review and receive all explanations and descriptions of the costs for services rendered or to be provided. Additionally, make sure that the services or professional assistance to be provided to the patient are not contingent upon or bound by any agreement to pay in advance and prior to receiving any medical services.


Moral and Spiritual Support:

You have the right to receive or refuse any spiritual or moral support regardless of any creed, beliefs, traditions, customs or religious preferences professed.

Free Participation in Research and Background Data:

To respect the patient`s willingness to either participate or not in researching and fact-finding about our qualified staff, seeking and/or providing all the required and necessary information, the objectives, methods, possible benefits, foreseeable risks and discomforts that the investigative process might entail.

Voluntary Donation of Organs:

To respect the will to accept or refuse the donation of any human organs which can be voluntarily gifted and transplanted to other patients.

Dying with Dignity:

To respect the will of the patient and allow the process of death to follow its natural course during the terminal stage of the illness.



Cumplir con las normas de ingreso a la clínica:

To meet the standards of surveillance and security established in Resolution 741 of 1997, Art. 3:

  • To admit children under the age of 7 – a valid I.D. card must be shown at the reception desk.
  • The entry of weapons and animals is prohibited at all times
  • Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited at all times.
  • Access to and circulation in areas posted as “Authorized Personnel Only” is prohibited.

Compliance with Your Medical Treatment:

Please follow and comply with the treatment ordered by the medical team regarding prescription medications, diets, instructions for at-home care and regular check-up appointments

Enforcing Your Rights as a Patient:

 To treat with respect and courtesy all clinic staff members.
To take care of your personal belongings inside and while at the clinic.
Having a companion while seeking medical attention, only in the following cases and circumstances: If you are a handicapped person or physically-challenged person, if you are a minor or if scheduled for surgery or diagnostic tests and must appear with a relative or companion, please submit the correct information about the home address, telephone and full name of the companion or assistant.

Submit your Identification Documents:

 Submit identification and a card that identifies you as a beneficiary of the Institution of Health (Insurance Company) which is affiliated or registered. In cases where it is required, please submit the authorization issued by the Health Insurance Company.

Paying for the Services Provided:

 Please comply with the relevant financial obligations for the services provided and rendered by the clinic.

Disclosure and Information on Your Health Condition:

To provide information on all medical equipment and diagnostic support services being used, full details of past and current symptoms, past illnesses, hospitalizations, previous surgeries, medications, vitamins or dietary supplements, allergies or adverse reactions to medications or products and in general, all important aspects related to the health condition of the patient.

On-Time Arrival for Scheduled Appointments:

Please arrive on time and cancel your appointment promptly as a courtesy if you are not able to attend.